Privacy Policy

The Hotel Station 18 Pledge

When you have a guaranteed reservation at Hotel Station 18 and we are unable to accommodate you for any reason, we will arrange accommodation for you at another hotel at our expense. Hotel Station 18 will transfer you to the other hotel and provide transportation back to our hotel where we wanted you to be in the first place.

Room Plan

Hotel Station 18's Room Plan provides children under 12 free accommodations when staying in the same room with their parents, up to a maximum of 1 children per room. 

Privacy Policy

Hotel Station 18 respects the privacy of all its customers and business partners, and treats personal information (personal data) provided by you as confidential. The information we gather is processed, and stored in our web based reservation system.

Anonymous Browsing

Visitors to our website do so on an anonymous basis. We have not configured our website to collect any information from your computer without your input. This means that unless you voluntarily and knowingly provide us with information, we will not know your identity, your email address, or any other information identifiable to you.

Your Personal Data and our Privacy Policy Statement

We use the information this website gathers strictly for marketing purposes such as determining room reservation, sending reservation ID for any reservation made and communication purposes.

All information gathered is stored in our secure server and all practicable steps have been taken to ensure that the information you have provided is protected against unauthorised or accidental access. However, we cannot be held responsible for unauthorised or accidental access which is beyond our control. You may wish to have access to or request correction of your personal information at