1. Online Reservation
2. Online Travel Agents
3. Room Deposit
4. Hotel Rules & Regulations
5. HomeStay
6. Directions and Ways to Hotel Station 18
7. Transportation Rental


1. Online Reservation

  • Q: Can I make a room reservation through phone call?
    A: Yes, you can, but reservation is not guaranteed and room will be taken over by other guest who pay first.
  • Q: If I make a phone reservation, how can I guarantee the reservation?
    A: If you reserve a room on that check-in day, we will hold your room reservation till 6pm. Payment must be made before 6pm to guarantee the room reservation.
  • Q: If I make an advance phone reservation, how can I guarantee the reservation?
    A: We will give you 2 days to make payment through online bank transfer or cash deposit into our Public Bank Berhad account number 3151884930 HOTEL STATION EIGHTEEN. Please email to info@hotelstation18.com.my immediately once payment is made and attach the cash deposit prove to us so that we can reserve a guaranteed room for you.
  • Q: How to make an online reservation?
    A: Please go to our website first page, click on the ‘Book Now’ button, key in the check-in date and number of person to stay and then click ‘Check Availability’. The system will show you the room availability on the spot.
  • Q: I have keyed-in the information and clicked the button ‘Check Availability’, what to do next?
    A: You have to select the room you preferred and click ‘Select’.
  • Q: Is the room photo similar to the room I reserved?
    A: We do not guarantee the room photo similarity to the exact room you reserve, the room colour and design is just a sample for your reference. However the number of person of the room you reserved is guaranteed.
  • Q: I have clicked ‘Select’, what to do next?
    A: You will go to the 3rd page which is titled as ‘3. Check Details/Add More Rooms’
  • Note 1: If you want to reserve more rooms, please click ‘Add Another Stay Date’ and redo the room type choosing process. The previous room you reserved will be memorised and you may proceed for you extra room reservation.
  • Note 2: If you noticed that you have made a wrong reservation, you may click ‘Remove All Rooms’  and redo the room type choosing process.
  • Note 3: If you have made sure everything is correct, please click ‘Confirm’
  • Q: I have clicked ‘Confirm, what to do next?
    A: You will go to the 4th page which is titled as ‘4. Confirm Reservation’.
  • Note: Please fill up your information in the reservation form and check the box ‘I acknowledge reading the Terms and Conditions and I agree to pay according to the terms stated, in line with my choice below.’ at ‘Confirmation Options’ and click ‘Pay Through PayPal’. You still can pay through your credit card even though you do not have a PayPal account.
  • Q: I have clicked ‘Pay Through PayPal’, what to do next?
    A: You have to provide your credit card information so that the payment can be made and the reservation will be guaranteed. Please take note that PayPal will charge you 1USD for each transaction made.
  • Q: I have filled up my credit card information but the reservation failed!
    A: You may need to use another credit card and please make sure everything keyed-in is correct.
  • Q: The payment is made through credit card, may I know how to prove that the reservation is guaranteed, will it turn up no room during my check-in time?
    A: The system will immediately send you an email attached with the reservation confirmation letter. The reservation system is linked directly to our Hotel Reservation System, so it is 100% guaranteed room reserved.
  • Note: The hotel reserves the right to change the reserved room type in case of emergency for example - Electrical break down in room, air-conditioning system malfunctioned, piping problems etc. for our guest’s safety.
  • Q: I would like to cancel a reservation I have made, may I know how much the hotel will charge me?
    A: Payment made for room reservation is not refundable. If you cancel 3 days before the check-in date, 50% payment of first night of each room made will be charged. If you cancel less than 3 days before the check-in date, 1 day payment of each room will be charged. If you do not cancel or ‘No-Show’ during check-in date, 100% of full payment will be charged.

2. Online Travel Agents

  • Q: Other than your website reservation system, is there any other way to reserve the room?
    A: Yes, you can refer to our Online Travel Agents for room reservation.
  • Q: May I know how to contact your Online Travel Agents?
    A: www.booking.com / www.agoda.com / www.asiarooms.com / www.hostelworld.com
  • Q: Do I need to pay extra for your Online Travel Agents?
    A: No, the room charges are same, but we would like to advise you to use our hotel online reservation system instead of Online Travel Agents.
  • Q: I have booked through a room through your Online Travel Agent and I would like to cancel the reservation, may I know how to do it?
    A: You have to email to the Online Travel Agent and inform them for room reservation cancellation.
  • Q: Will I be charged for the room cancellation at Online Travel Agent?
    A: It depends how many days you cancel before the check-in date. Room cancelled 3 days before the check-in date will not be charged. Room cancelled less than 3 days before the check-in date will be charged one day. No-show of room will be charged 100% of room charges.
  • Q: I noticed that Online Travel Agents required my credit card information, is payment made when I book through Online Travel Agents?
    A: If you book through www.agoda.com, they will charge you for the reservation. If you book through www.booking.com or www.asiarooms.com , they will only hold your credit card information as a guaranteed reservation. If you book through www.hostelworld.com, they will charge you 10% deposit. The balance of the room charges will be collected during  your check-in time.
  • Q: Will your staff misuse my credit card information provided during reservation process?
    A: We guarantee your credit card for 100% safe. Our staffsare impossible to access to view our guests’ credit card information.

3. Room Deposit

  • Q: Do I need to pay extra during check-in?
    A: Yes, you need to pay a deposit of RM50.00 for each room per check-in.
  • Q: Is the deposit refundable?
    A: Yes, if you are able to keep the hotel property in good condition and check-out on time.
  • Q: May I know how is considered bad condition?
    A: Bad condition as if any property damaged or lost by guest, or any beddings are dirtied with stubborn dirt, or check-out late, or stayed more than allowed number of persons in the room.

4. Hotel Rules & Regulations

  • Q: What is your check-in and check-out time?
    A: Check-in time is 2pm and check-out time is 12pm.
  • Q: What if I wish to check-out later than 12pm?
    A: We will charge you RM10.00/hour subsequently and after 3 hours we will charge you for a day rate.
  • Q: What if I check-out 1:30pm?
    A: We will charge you 2 hours.
  • Q: Is your rooms allowed for smoking?
    A: No, the hotel is strictly not allowed for smoking inside the premise.

5. HomeStay

  • Q: What is the difference between Hotel and Homestay?
    A: Homestay is more suitable for big events guests like wedding, company staffs. The Homestay is able to accommodate minimum 12pax per unit.
  • Q: Is there any individual rooms at Homestay?
    A: Yes, we do have individual rooms at a cheaper price at Homestay, but we will only allow our guests to stay there when the Hotel is full or Homestay Suite with additional rooms.
  • Q: How much deposit we need to pay for the Homestay Suite and Homestay Individual Room?
    A: You need to pay a deposit of RM450.00 for Homestay Suite and RM100.00 for a Homestay Individual Room.
  • Q: May I know how to book a window room?
    A: We practice first pay first served. It all depends on your luck. If you are early enough to make reservation, you may be able to reserve a window room.

6. Directions and Ways to Hotel Station 18

  • Q: I’m first time driving to Ipoh, may I know the easiest way if I come from North-South Highway?
    A: If you come from North-South Highway, you need to exit at SimpangPulai Exit, 1st traffic light turn right and after the traffic light, you will come to another traffic light. Turn left, and drive straight for 10km until you see a McDonald on your right and TESCO Hypermarket on your left opposite the traffic light. Drive straight and you will pass by TESCO and comes to KAMDAR on your left. Turn left and you will see Hotel Station 18 on your left beside a Chinese Restaurant Station 18.
  • Q: What is your hotel GPS Coordinates?
    GPS Coordination:
    Latitude: 4.546629
    Longitude: 101.067062
  • Q: I’m a backpacker and I am a budget traveller. May I know how to get a cheapest way to come to your hotel?
    A1: If you come from Cameron Highland, you will be dropped off at Medan Kidd domestic bus station. From there, you can get a number 91 bus (JalanPasirPuteh). Tell them you need to drop off at TESCO Station 18.
    A2: If you come from other cities by bus, you may be dropped off at Aman Jaya Terminal Bus Station. There you need to get a bus to go to Medan Kidd Domestic Bus Station, and catch a number 91 bus as mentioned at A1. You can get a taxi to come to our hotel for RM35.00 / trip.A3: If you come by Train, you will be dropped off at Ipoh Train Station. If you don’t mind to take taxi, you can pay for RM15.00 – RM20.00/trip. If you want to take bus, out from the train station, turn left and you will see Post Office on your right, and there is a police station on your left. Walk straight on that road and you will see a roundabout in front of you. On your right end, you will see the green colour building Medan Kidd Domestic Bus Station.

7. Transportation Rental

  • Q: Does your hotel offer any tour packages?
    A: No we do not. But we do offer transportation for rent.
  • Q: What kind of transportation and the price?
    A: Please email to info@hotelstation18.com.my for more detail of transportation rental.

  • Q: Can you provide transport service when we arrive at Ipoh?
    A: If we are free, we will send our driver to pick you up with a price. Please email us for more detail.